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Random Ideas

Once again, you find yourself sitting at home with nothing to do. The weather outside is fantastic; or maybe it’s crummy. You can’t decide if you feel like doing something inside or outside; with a group of friends or by yourself. With all of these feeling swirling inside of you, what is there left to do? What do you turn to?

Bored and anxious, you turn to the fountain of all knowledge: the Internet. A tool that we have at our disposal that those that went before us didn’t have. The ultimate question here lies in how you will use it. Will you use it to aimlessly surf facebook for 3 hours? Or will you use it here at to find something more or less worthwhile to do?
At your favorite search engine, you hope to find some decent answer to your doldrums. The links appear on the page, and poof! You find yourself at this wonderful webpage.
Now that we’ve got you here, take a minute to look around. It can be assumed that if you’re here, that you’re looking for some random ideas or are bored and all you want is something to do for a little while. On your right, you will see some lovely categories listed including all sorts of things to do, like things to do inside and things to do outside. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find one of them that helps the particular situation that you’re in. Totally bored and broke? Check out things to do for free. Hanging out with your friends and feeling apathetic? Take a look at things to do with a group. Have a few bucks that you don’t mind spending? Check out things to do for under $15.
The ideas on this generator are the best on the web. Other idea generators have a slim selection of ideas, and many of those ideas that they do have put you in an even more bored mood than you were when you stared. The ideas on this website are new, exciting, unexpected, and lots of fun. You’ll find practical jokes to play on your friends, games that you can play with your coworkers, and an endless supply fun to have.
The question still remains. You’re bored and sitting at your computer, and you have a choice to make. Do you click the button? Or do you remain bored?
This site was catered to that exact need. Take advantage of it before your attention span loses interest! While you’re at it, feel free to add your own suggestions if you want to help others out, who are in much the same predicament that you are.

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