Things to Do Inside

For whatever reason, you've decided that you'd rather spend your time inside. That's cool, we don't judge. If you like to do things inside instead of outside, that is totally up to you. In fact, we've prepared for this exact situation and have found you something. A wonderful tool that will help you find some things to do. This portion of our random idea generator will give you the most comprehensive list of things to do inside.
This generator will find you things to do inside the walls of your house. Or inside the walls of any building, really. If it's indoors, you'll find an idea here to suit your need. A caveat, however; many of these ideas are things that will mess with other people. Little fun pranks to play on others. There is always a risk inherent with playing a practical joke on somebody. So when our generator spits out a practical joke, and you get in trouble because you played it on a poor sport, that’s your problem, not ours. But it’s still fun to play a joke on somebody who can take it.If this is a problem though you can try our things to do with a group page.
A rainy day has often been the bane of fun. When it rains outside, many people wonder what kind of things that they’re going to do. Have no fear, the random idea generator is here! When you need things to do inside, the button below is a virtual gold mine of possible options. Do you have miniature marshmallows? Those little treats in and of themselves are and endless supply of possible fun. For example, you could put them on top of a ceiling fan and wait for somebody to turn it on, and watch as the marshmallows begin to fall. You could make little marshmallow forts, then throw more marshmallows at them in an attempt to break them. Or simplify that idea, and just throw marshmallows at each other. Just make sure that you get them all picked up afterwards. Ants and other little bugs love to sink their teeth into sugary goodness, so make sure that you do a good job of picking up everything that you need to in order to avoid an insect catastrophe.
That‘s just a few of the things that you could do with mini marshmallows. You can apply this principle to anything, really. Have a nerf gun? Start a mini world war in your basement. Do you have a full cupboard of food supplies? Have some fun and experiment making different kinds of foods. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had cooking experience; just make sure that you have a fire extinguisher at the ready and an apron on to protect you clothes. Or, if that’s not good for you, consider having a flour fight. Just make sure to clean everything up afterwards. All of these are things to do inside.
While you’re inside, stick around on your computer until you find something to do. You'll be inside anyway. If you would prefer to do something outside, no worries you can try out our things to do outside page.

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