Things To Do With a Group

Hopefully, if you're looking at this page, you're not sitting by yourself. And if you are, either find some people or navigate to a different page, because you don't belong here. If your friend brought you to this page, thank them because they brought you to the best page around when you’re bored and with a group of friends.
In the case that you are with a group of friends, and are just trying to find some things to do with a group, then you're in the right place. These ideas fit anything that a group of people could do. Whether it be things to do for free, outside or inside, for free or for under $15, you'll find it here.
When a group of people finds themselves bored, you know that something is wrong. Typically, friends can sit and bounce ideas off of each other until they decide something that is worthwhile doing. In your case, you were so bored that you resorted to the internet. Nice job guys; but here are, we don’t judge. In fact, we’ve prepared for this exact situation by creating this page. Especially made, just for you and your bored friends.
Humans are social creatures, we want to do things together. When something goes wrong or when we look for guidance, we look around at what others are doing to try and figure out some possibilities. It only makes sense that if we do things together, that we’d be bored together. So click away at that button and see if you find something that you like!
For example, if you all enjoy eating watermelon, go buy a few and have a watermelon eating contest. Get competitive. If you have one friend who decided not to party with you guys, go out and buy some toilet paper and TP their house. These are all things that you can do with a group. Flea markets are havens for the bored and uncaring. Go to the local flea market and see which one of you can get the best deal on a t-shirt. If you’re a gamer group, try something new with your video games. Tie one of your hands behind your back and then try playing your games. Modern Warfare will never be the same with your right hand behind your back. There is an endless list of things to do inside, outside, underground or wherever with a group
All in all, this place will give you a great supply of ideas to fuel your brains when you need things to do with a group. When you’re bored with a group of friends and you need something to do, this is the place that you need to be.
So gather your friends around your computer and click the button below until you find something that suits your liking! We've got tons of things that you can do with a group. Take a vote and find something to do. Prepare yourselves, who knows what kind of ideas will appear when you click the button.

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